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Stamped Shaker Residential Garage Door - Garage Door Services, Inc.

Pictured: Stamped Shaker Garage Door, Model 2583 shown in Walnut with optional plain windows and glass.

Accents Woodtones Garage Door Stamped Shaker

Stamped Shaker

Available Stamped Shaker Garage Door Models

Model # 2550 2551 2583 2518
Insulation Type No Insulation 1-3/8” Polystyrene 1-13/16” Polystyrene 1-7/8” Polyurethane
R-Value 0.0 7.94 9.65 16.55
Construction Type Standard Standard Medium Duty Heavy Duty

Personalize Your Garage Door

  • Painted Woodtones
  • Accents Woodtones
  • Designer Glass
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