Raised Panel

C.H.I.’s raised panel design, available in both short and long panel options. The raised panels start with a recessed edge, but the interior surface of each panel is brought slightly forward, adding just a hint of definition to a classic door design.

CHI Model 2216/4216

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Download Flyer Download Spec Page Double Sided Steel Polyurethane Insulated Door A double sided steel door with a high quality insulated core provides the ultimate protection from the harshest weather conditions. This model incorporates a thermally broken section design and a polyurethane foamed in place insulation for superior protection. Features 2″ thick

CHI Model 2251/4251

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Download Flyer Download Spec Page Steel Polystyrene Insulated Vinyl-Backed Door With a classic raised panel design and a basic polystyrene insulation, these affordable doors are an excellent insulated option for your home’s garage. Features 2″ thick door sections are formed from heavy, 25-gauge galvanized steel. Section joints are roll-formed into a

CHI 2700 Series

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Download Flyer Download Spec Page Download Painting/Staining Instructions CHI High-Definition Fiberglass raised panel series provides the best combination of durability, insulation, and style. Formed of heavy duty fiberglass with a variety of designs and styles available this super durable style not only stands up to the harshest outside environments but

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